Crushing : - 0.000 (M.T.) Todate : 0.000 (M.T.) , Sugar Production : 0.000 (Bags) Todate : 0.000 (Bags) , CO-Gen :0.000 (Units) Todate : 0.000 (Units) NOTICE-     1. view tender notice        

SUGAR as per IS 5982- 1970 Grade L –31 S -31 Approved by NCI Kanpur. Exportable White Crystal Sugar.As per ISI Standard grade i.e. L-31, M-31 and S-31 with minimum ICUMSA color. Specification:ICUMSA color Index below 100 by Method No.9

Moist%:below 0.02%


Turbidity Units:49


By Product

MOLASSES:(A grade) It is ByProduct of sugar factory obtained after extraction of white crystal sugar. It contains Sugar, non sugars, reducing sugar. Final molasses used in distillery for manufacturing rectified spirit,ethanol and other organic chemicals and also used in cattle feed.

BAGASSE:Residue of Sugar cane after extracting juice, it is used for factory boiler as a fuel. Saved bagasse sold out.

PRESSMUD:Solds to Members of Factory (Sabhasad) in concession.