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  1. We defined appropriate quality policy as a means of leading SCSSK Ltd. towards improvement of its performance.Our quality policy is an equal and consistent part of our overall business policies and strategy.
  2. It includes commitment to comply with requirements and continually improve the effectiveness of management system.
  3. Our quality policy provides quality objectives, which will be established and reviewed.
  4. Quality policy is communicated throughout the organisation by displaying it on board at work place.
  5. Quality policy is printed in English and Marathi script and is discussed amongst employees at all levels for better understanding.
  6. We shall review quality policy for continuing suitability.



We have strategic plan and established quality objectives at relevant functions and level with SCSSK Ltd. These quality objectives are consistent with improvement of the organisation's performance and corporate quality objectives.

Quality objectives are capable of being measured in order to facilitate, effective and efficient review by management.When establishing quality objectives, we have considered

  1. current and future needs of the organisation and the market.
  2. relevant findings from management reviews,
  3. current product and process performance,
  4. resources need to meet objectives.

These quality objectives are communicated in a way that employees can contribute to their achievements. Responsibility for improving performance of quality objectives is defined



We at Shri Chhatrapati S.C.S.S.K. are committed to enhance customer satisfaction through manufacturing & supply of quality product with maximum recovery. We shall achieve upliftment of cane growers, share holders and employees.
This shall be achieved through continual improvement in all areas of operation through involvement of board of directors, employees, and cane growers.


  • To optimise financial returns to share holders.
  • Satisfy customer requirements.
  • Continual improvements.
  • Technical up gradation.
  • Education, Welfare and betterment of rural society.